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From minor repairs to starting from scratch with a new design, Storm Works Roofing And Guttering can provide a range of chimney services covering everything from a blocked flue to a brand-new chimney. Storm Works Roofing And Guttering have a reputation for the quality of our work .

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Chimney Repairs Services

With Storm Works Roofing And Guttering chimney repair service, we provide all-around assistance for your chimney needs. Chimney sweeping and cleaning are only a part of the maintenance necessary to keep your chimney functioning and working efficiently. Storm Works Roofing And Guttering provides top-of-the-line chimney and masonry repair services to fix the structure and/or design of your chimney if it falls into disrepair or gets damaged. Storm Works Roofing And Guttering also offer affordable ways to safeguard your chimney for better protection, such as installing a chimney cap or applying chimney water-repellent.

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Repairing & Maintenance

Chimneys don’t just need to be regularly swept but also need to remain in good physical condition to ensure the safety of your properties occupants as well as members of the public. A chimney or flue that is damaged will not work as efficiently as one in good working order, presenting you with a variety of consequences that could be hazardous to health. We take the maintenance of chimneys and fireplace seriously which is why we also offer repair services to all of our customers.


Here at Storm Works Roofing And Guttering , we have years of experience in all aspects of roofing, and take great pride in providing the highest standard of workmanship. Whether you are experiencing problems with a roof leak, roof clean, roof repair, or wanting a complete re-roof through to chimney work and sorting your guttering, facias and soffits, we can help and recommend the best course of action for your roof.

Moisture can cause extensive damage to a chimney! We offer professional inspection and repairs to take care of water-related chimney problems. From replacing chimney covers to fixing cracks in the chimney crown, you can rely on our expertise to fix your leaking chimney.

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We are dedicated to producing quality work of the highest standard. Our projects include chimney builds/rebuilds, chimney repairs, roof repairs, chimney liners, chimney caps. slating & slating and new roof installation services, guttering, and more.